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Romulus Foundation for Educational Opportunities (RFEO)

The Romulus Foundation for Educational Opportunities (RFEO) is a registered nonprofit organization which provides funding for various programs at RCS. For nearly three decades, our students have benefited from educational opportunities above and beyond what our regular school day and budget can accommodate. Thanks to the efforts of a volunteer group of educators, community members, and school staff, the Romulus Foundation for Educational Opportunities (RFEO) was formed. This group has secured  over $500,000 to finance dozens of individual grant projects written by our staff and community members. 
Did you know our students are able to play a musical instrument from 4th grade through graduation with no purchase or rental fees due to funding from the RFEO? Our high school students travel to Fine Arts events, class trips to Washington, D.C., and the Adirondacks. These activities and many more are funded entirely by donations collected through the Foundation.
These things are possible in part because of RFEO Trustees and Officers, but ultimately, because of donors. Any level of contribution helps continue and create opportunities for children.  
If you believe as I do these opportunities should continue for RCS students, please consider giving your support to the RFEO. The letter of gratitude here from an RCS student represents the kind of impact the RFEO has on the educational experience here. The QR Code in the letter will take you to a website where you can donate online. 
Thank you to all donors past, present, and future for these gifts to Romulus students.