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Curriculum and Instruction

Our goal at the Romulus Central School District is to provide students with a quality education based on rigorious academic standards with an emphasis on preparing our students to be responsible citizens ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing world.  Our staff is committed to preparing graduates who can think critically and problem solve, collaborate and communicate effectively,  use technology and resources creatively and responsibly, and be self-sufficent and resilent.  

Curriculum is aligned to New York State Next Generation Learning Standards.  For information about these standards, please visit the following resources: 

Parent’sGuide to the New York State Next Generation ELA & MathLearning Standards 
Parent’s Guide to the New York State P12Science Learning Standards
Parent’s Guide to the New YorkState Physical Education Learning Standards

In addition, our high school students have the opportunity to earn college credits through FLCC Gemini Progam. We currently offer college courses in Math, English, Social Studies, Spanish, Science and Art.  For more information about the Gemini Program, please check out: Gemini Program at FLCC.