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Romulus truly is “The School with Big Ideas”. Our staff is a very dedicated group of professionals who strive to give each and every student a first rate educational experience. We are constantly exploring new ways to prepare our children for life in their world; an ever-changing global environment where humans make significant impact on all aspects of life on earth. One of the advantages of a rural school district is the ability to “get to know” the students on a personal level and tailor their educational opportunities to fit their personal needs and goals.

Please take the time to explore all we have to offer through our sports, extra-curricular, arts, music programs and college-credit Gemini Courses affiliated with FLCC. Students can earn transferable credit while still in High School leading to reduced financial costs and earlier graduation from college. 

We, as a school district and as a community, are committed to being fiscally responsible while remaining an independent rural school district. Thank you for visiting Romulus via our website. We welcome your input and community involvement as we continue to move forward through our motto "Children First, Learning Always".