Trash for Cash

Recycling/Fund Raising

Collect and recycle used laser and ink  jet printer cartridges.  The PTCC is the recipient of the profits. Read all about this program by checking out 
Please send them in with your children or if you work in an office or consider adopting RCS
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 All classrooms are saving Box Tops!  Each one is worth $.10.   Please help by cutting them out and sending them to school.  Check out the website  for a complete list of participating products and sign up to support our school.  We need everyone's help!   

An easier way to help is to download the app and just scan your receipts.
No need to track anything it does it for you - just scan them and watch your contributions grow!   

ColorCycle is our Crayola Marker Recycling Program that converts plastic into reusable energy. This North American K-12 collection program allows for free marker recycling in the contiguous United States and parts of Canada.

Crayola collects used markers, recovers the plastic, and converts it into reusable energy.  In one year RCS has recycled 1500 markers.  Feel free to send your dried out markers so that they do not end up in the land fill.