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Romulus Central School is the distinctive small rural district, the center of a thriving community of learners, dedicated to empowering each student to be a thriving person of character and vision.  

Our challenging and diversified programs link Romulus to the world of the 21st Century.

Students attending the Romulus Central School District are engaged in an environment that aligns learning to core academic standards while simultaneously developing character.  It is our goal that our students will emerge as creative critical thinkers who can persevere in challenging environments in order to meet their fullest potential.

Curriculum materials used at Romulus align with the New York State Learning standards.                                       

Parent’sGuide to the New York State Next Generation ELA & MathLearning Standards 
Parent’s Guide to the New York State P12Science Learning Standards
Parent’s Guide to the New YorkState Physical Education Learning Standards


Students in Grades pre-k-5.  


Students in grades 6-12.